Approach:  Cousins recognizes the importance of transportation options for our customers and for our employees. 85% of our assets across the portfolio are located either directly adjacent to or within an easy five minute walk of transit systems. In addition, we proudly support rideshare programs for our buildings.  

Our interest in transportation solutions is not limited to gas vehicles.  We have incorporated bike racks throughout the majority of our properties for the convenience of customers who cycle to work.  In addition, we have installed electric vehicle charging stations, which enable our customers to recharge their electric vehicles efficiently while working in the building.

In our corporate office, we offer economic subsidies to our teammates to encourage alternative transit options, including bus, ride-share and rail. In addition, we are active in transportation management assocations in many of the communities where our office buildings are located, which provides us with an opportunity to encourage ride sharing and alternative transportation options in the larger communities.