Recycling & Waste

Approach:  Helping our customers to recycle their wastes is an important priority for us.  Currently, 100% of our office buildings have a formal recycling program, 56% of our office properties are able to track that they are recycling greater than 50% of their waste, and across our entire office portfolio we estimate that we are diverting 41% of our waste away from landfills.  In most of our office buildings we have been successful at establishing single stream recycling, allowing customers to comingle all their recyclables, thereby increasing convenience for them and recycling rates for the building. 







Solid Waste and Recycling Reporting

Cousins recycles its consumables at each of its office properties primarily through separation at desks and kitchens for waste, and separating and collecting recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and glass) utilizing a single stream process. We are investigating best practices for measurement of performance, and we look forward to improving our cost control and recycling revenues as part of these practices.