Our Sustainability Journey

At Cousins, we pride ourselves on investing in trophy office buildings located in high-growth Sun Belt markets and managing these properties in a first-class manner while achieving outstanding efficiency.  Over the long term, we believe these properties will generate high-quality returns for our shareholders.

Since we began 60 years ago, however, we have also recognized that true value creation results not only from positive stock performance, but also from a commitment to sustainability.  For us, sustainability means creating and maintaining durable buildings that are operated in an environmentally and socially responsible manner thereby encouraging office users to select us for their corporate operations while enhancing the communities in which our buildings are located.  

We are excited to share with you here some of the highlights of our sustainability journey.  From our initial days in 1958 building single family residential communities to our position today as owners and developers of some of the Sun Belt’s – and the nation’s – most iconic office buildings, we have steadily and thoughtfully been improving our environmental and social performance.  We started by being heavily involved in each of our local communities and creating buildings that worked uniquely well for those communities.  To this day, we continue that legacy by responsibly building the highest quality assets and emphasizing best-in-class projects, including incorporating environmentally sustainable design, construction and operational components.

As we look ahead, our commitment to thoughtful and responsible management and operation of our portfolio will remain a key component of our DNA, a commonsensical foundation for building value for all our stakeholders.